Bishop visit pic

FRONT ROW:  Sister Susanne, Bishop Robert Guglielmone, Fr. Artor Przywara, Deacon Ascione, and Sister Johnna. BACK ROW:  Deacon Jackson and Sister Carol.

Photo Provided

On October 26, the Sisters of the Felician Center enjoyed a visit by Bishop Guglielmone.  The Bishop’s visit also included stops at the diocesan shrine, the parish church and Springbank Retreat Center over a period of two days.  All of these Catholic properties are in a 10-mile radius of Kingstree.

Bishop Guglielmone paid an informal hour-long visit to the convent regarding the Catholic community and presence. He expressed his appreciation for their positive comments about the ecumenical support in all aspects of their ministry.  The Felician Center COVID-19 response since March was also shared. 

The following day, the Bishop celebrated morning Mass for a group of 10 in St. Ann Church. In addition, the Learning Center hosted the Halloween October event socially distanced and masked.  The children with an adult arrived at the pumpkin lane while spooky music played.  A motion activated witches boom swept the hallway with freaky sounds and a treasure box filled with treats could be opened with an audio Halloween greeting. The children visited stations to create a spider, a web, a monster puppet, black cats and a Halloween puzzle.  For each completed task, the children received a “treat,” which included a Halloween door decoration, candy bags, cookie/donut/cupcake take outs, harvest activity books and other goodies. 

Volunteers, Emma Miller, Marion Wilson, Cathy McClary, Marian Fulton and her two granddaughters Jamaya and Jocelyn, Sister Carol, Sister Johnna, Sister Susanne and Kat Tisdale conducted the activities. The Rev. Don Muncie of Williamsburg Presbyterian Church met the children on their exit with the reading of a pumpkin poem and distribution of a real pumpkin purchased from the Kingstree Community Youth fundraiser. The sacred and profound celebrations gave the Felician Center a near normal opportunity.