Bernie Sanders pic

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders toured the Williamsburg Regional Hospital during a visit to Williamsburg County. Sanders discussed topics such as loan forgiveness and global warming.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a stop in Williamsburg County that included a visit with school district students, County Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Wright and a tour of the Williamsburg Regional Hospital.

The August 30, visit was part of a daylong tour that included a stop in Georgetown for a shrimp and grits breakfast and an evening at the outdoor amphitheater at Francis Marion Performing Arts Center. Sanders’ national campaign co-chair, Ohio Senator Nina Turner was also in attendance. Local media was not notified of the Williamsburg County visit.

During his visit with Wright, she said Sanders shared his stance on loan forgiveness, minimum wage increases, funding for teachers, infrastructure, and global warming. “I think it’s a great thing to have all candidates from each party visit,” said Wright in an email. “It’s important that they get an idea from the prospective of a rural county leadership. They need to understand our challenges and work to help us also.”

Representative Cezar McKnight and Senator Ronnie Sabb accompanied Sanders. Sabb said it is important for candidates to see what rural life is really like, to understand what resources we need and how to partner to enhance quality of life. “Any time we have a presidential contender or somebody of the stature of Bernie Sanders that’s coming to town, I think it’s our responsibility to greet them and show them the greatest hospitality that we possibly can,” he said. “I was glad he chose to spend some time in our area and obviously he’s an extraordinary public servant.”