Yard of the Month Boyd pic

H. Alton and Diane Boyd, 114 East Brooks Street

The Kingstree Beautification Commission has selected Mr. and Mrs. H. Alton Boyd’s yard at 114 East Brooks Street as the August 2020 ‘Yard of the Month.’

Mr. Alton Boyd stated that the property was purchased approximately 35 years ago. The house, however, was built in 1923 and has gone through extensive renovations over the years. Mrs. Diane Boyd stated they are preparing for the 100th anniversary.

Mr. Boyd enjoys landscaping his yard. He began landscaping the yard 25 years ago for their daughter’s wedding. He has maintained since that time. He replaced the planters on the front porch with red Dipa Debs and a section of the front yard with crepe myrtles.

The yard is manicured, adorned with a variety of trees, plants, and flowers at the front, sides, and rear of the property.

The Yard of the Month Program was created to give recognition to residents who positively contribute to the town’s overall appearance, have exceeded the average efforts of maintaining their yard, and diligently work to make their yard and the town of Kingstree a more beautiful place. The judging is not limited to landscaping. It includes buildings, walkways, porches, patios, and fences located on the property and required to be in good repair.

The program recognizes residents from April through September. The program presented its first award on September 1, 2016.

Nominations for Yard of the Month may be made to any commission member or the Town of Kingstree. Members of the Kingstree Beautification Commission selects the yards to be recognized. The Kingstree Beautification Commission members are appointed by Kingstree Town Council and serve as an advisory initiative and encourage the beautification and improvement of the town’s appearance and entrances. 

The Town of Kingstree is dedicated to improving the quality of lives and the appearance of our community. We encourage residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhoods. The Beautiful Commission meets the second Monday of each month. If you would like to learn more about the beautification programs or become involved with this effort, contact the Town of Kingstree at (843) 355-7484 or visit our website www.kingstree.org.