Postcard pic

Postcards such as this one mailed to Williamsburg County citizens suggesting you may no longer be registered to vote should visit and click on “Check My Voter Registration” to check their status. The postcard is not affiliated with Williamsburg County Voter Registration and Elections and some are addressed to deceased people.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Dozens of postcards are being mailed to citizens of Williamsburg County asserting the urgent need to check your registration status. The author of the handwritten postcard claims she (or he) is a volunteer for Reclaim Our Vote, a non-partisan voting rights campaign.

The note goes on to say, according to the South Carolina Voter file you may no longer be registered to vote and encourages you to visit an online site or call the Williamsburg Board of Elections at the local number. The problem, there is no Williamsburg Board of Elections. What’s more concerning is many of the cards are addressed to deceased people or people who no longer live in the county.

Williamsburg County Voter Registration and Elections Director Edith Redden says the information has nothing to do with Williamsburg County or its citizens. She said the office does in fact have the ability to check your status but they are not affiliated with the organization.

Redden said they have been bombarded with questions about the cards that have postmarks from different states across the U.S. “Some of the people that are calling us say the card is addressed to a family member that has been deceased for three or four years or that they voted in the June Primary. So it has to be an old list that they’re dealing with,” she said. “We’re trying to let them know that this is not what we’ve done because we have up to date information.”

According to the site, Reclaim Our Vote canvassing teams have made more than 500,000 phone calls and sent 5 million

postcards so far in 2020. Redden said anyone interested in checking their voter registration status can call the local department at (843) 355-6044.