Hopsital parade pic

A procession of official vehicles makes its way past the temporary Williamsburg Regional Hospital where dozens of hospital staff stood on the sidewalk waving. The event was organized to honor the staff for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Photos by Michaele Duke

When Williamsburg Regional Hospital CEO Sharon Poston reached out to county government to see if it would be possible to do something to enhance morale, Supervisor Tiffany Wright jumped on it and immediately contacted local public safety officials to ask them to join her in a parade. 

Hospital Parade pic2

Photo by Michaele Duke

At noon on April 14, a half-mile-long string of official vehicles with sirens blaring, horns blasting and lights flashing red and blue made their way past the hospital, where dozens of hospital staff stood smiling and waving. Poston was one of the many standing on the crowded sidewalk. “It was very emotional,” she said, wiping a tear from her cheek. “To see all of these people who support us and they are working just as hard as we are and standing by us when we need them, they’re just fabulous people.” Poston considers it a joy to work with the hospital staff and the public officials. “We are just very grateful and very privileged to be a part of this group of people.”

Afterward, Wright, along with Senator Ronnie Sabb and Representative Cezar McKnight and other public officials delivered pizzas to the staff. Wright also feed public safety employees. She was just as surprised as Poston to see such a huge turnout. “I didn’t expect so many people and I was so happy for the support,” she said. “The tribute was for all healthcare providers in our county.”

Poston said the hospital remains busy and has not had a positive COVID-19 case to date. “The good part about all of this is everybody is ready to jump in whenever it’s needed,” she said. As far the status of the new hospital, Poston said she is in contact with MUSC officials, designers and project managers on a regular basis. “They are looking at the plans and we are going through room by room to make sure it’s big enough and has all the space and bells and whistles we need.” She said work on the property should begin in August.