Phyllis Dickerson pic

Kingstree resident Phyllis Dickerson restored a 1992 Geo owned by friend Barbara Nave, a missing person since 2017, as a tool to bring awareness to Nave’s plight. She’s also managed to win three of four car show competitions she entered the subcompact in. 

Photo by Michaele Duke

When Phyllis Dickerson’s friend Barbara Nave disappeared without a trace from her Manning home on February 9, 2017, she knew she had to do something. It wasn’t till she purchased her missing friend’s 1992 Geo Tracker that would provide her the means to preserve her memory and keep her case fresh.

Dickerson, who is a resident of Kingstree, has a similar Geo Tracker and was in the process of negotiating to purchase Nave’s vehicle when the teacher disappeared. Later she contacted Nave’s son and they settled on the transfer.

Nave pic

Barbara Nave

She restored the little red subcompact that had sat outside for years and began entering it in car shows. Not only does she compete, she uses the Geo as a tool to bring awareness to Nave’s plight. She also organized a group of friends and formed Finding Barbara Nave Group (FBNG). “We decided we could use the car as a tool to advocate missing persons, especially her and missing persons in general,” said Dickerson. “Car shows are a way to handout brochures and people get to know her.” The ladies meet monthly and work with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, national search groups, and others. The group also holds tributes and vigils.

Nave, 82, is 5’4”, 140 lbs. and has gray hair and hazel eyes. The day she went missing, nothing in her home was disturbed, her dogs were there and the front door was open. “There’s a lot of theories of what happened,” said Dickerson. “There is nothing we can put our finger on.” Nave hears with a Cochlear implant. Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Charles Bonner at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at (803) 436-2000.