Traffic Safety Checkpoints

The Lane, Greeleyville, and Kingstree Police Departments and the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints during the month of July.

A.A. Meetings

If you drink, that’s your business. If you want to be sober, that’s our business. A.A.  (843) 697-3321.

Seniors Patrol

The Kingstree Police Department is offering a seniors patrol wellness check. Any elderly, ill or bedridden residents of the Town of Kingstree who would like for the police department to contact them on a regular basis should call Chief Andre Williams or Police Chaplain the Rev. Harold Jackson. Williams and Jackson can be reached at (843) 355-5435. You also can come by the police department and leave your name, phone number, and address.

Volunteers Needed

Seniors and disabled adults in your community are homebound and need your help getting to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, social activities, religious services, and more. Help them live with the quality of life they deserve at a time when they need it most. You can make a difference! For more information please call (843) 436-2110.

Special Needs Support

If you are a parent or guardian with a child or children with special needs and may be interested in becoming a part of a parent-to-parent support group, please contact Tommy and Michelle Russell at (843) 373-0912 or (843) 356-5714 or pillaroutreach@

Summer Program

The Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council, Inc. is participating in the Summer Food Service Program now through Friday, July 31. The Summer Food Service Program is designed to bridge the gap between when children are in school and when schools are closed by continuing to provide nutritious meals and snacks to children. Meals will be provided to all children ages 18 and younger without charge. For more information, please contact Carolyn Williams at (843) 234-4100, ext. 229.

Community Bingo

The Salters/Lane Community Action Committee has temporarily suspended their monthly Bingo sessions on the first Thursday of every month because of the COVID-19 mandates. For more information call (843) 496-9694 or (803) 397-1859.

Addiction Screening

Fentanyl has been making headlines recently, this is because the incredibly potent chemical has been contributing to the increase in overdose deaths across America. Most people however do not know much about the chemical. For instance many don’t know that one of the things that makes fentanyl so dangerous is the fact that it can be absorbed into the system through skin contact. Meaning getting it on your skin could cause a potentially fatal overdose. To learn more about Fentanyl visit Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or referrals 1-800-431-1754.

Schedule Change

The Kingstree/Hemingway Magistrate office will have new office hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

WEOC Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council, Inc. Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, June 30, at 5 p.m. by conference call due to the COVID-19. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Conway Administrative Office at (843) 234-4100.

Free Drug Education

Narconon provides free drug education materials covering a wide range of topics. Please call today for your free drug education materials at: 1 (800) 431-1754.

Scholarship Assistance

The mission statement of the Felician Center seeks to be a transforming presence through compassionate ministry,  educational services and loving care.  Most recently, a very generous couple from New York sent a “one-time major gift to help the work of the Felician Center.”  It has been decided to use this gift to establish a BDGP Scholarship Assistance Fund of $500 per semester.  The criteria of eligibility is as follows:

1. Any former students that attended the Felician Center since 1992 now attending a college or university may apply.

2. A proof of a GPA of 2.75 or higher in the last semester of the college/university needs to be presented.

3. A personal interview with Sister Susanne, Director, can be arranged starting July 15, 2020.

For more information contact, Sister Susanne at (843) 354-9415.