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Dear Editor,

There are many unsung heroes in every field, whether it be the law enforcement, fire and ambulance service or whatever.

I would like to talk about some in education that made a difference and some that are still making a difference in our area.  This list is not inclusive because I didn’t know every one in the schools.

At the top of the list would be Doreen Welch.  She taught us that everyone could be in this mix and showed us a broader version of education than we had ever seen.

There are many others like Mr Elery Little who knew how to run successful schools after integration.  His instinct for quality and his intelligence to do the right thing  could solve the most troubling problem.  

Then there was Ronald Williamson, and Ralph Harrell who always did their best and won over the students day by day.

Mack Burgess treated everyone like they were his children, strict but loving.

Dr. Gardner was a successful principal at the Kingstree Elementary School Program.

Cynthia Brown and Rosalyn Nesmith who worked as a team to save troubled kids.

Patty Lee and Stoney Gardner gave us and the parents the necessary info to follow federal guidelines in special education.

Norman Ivey was a gifted Biology teacher.

Mary Chinnes led the states mental health program with precious few employees.

Charlie Fulton worked in Upward Bound and was inspiring in his work.

Barry Myers led his students to successful careers.

Dr. Steiner was an outstanding district employee.

Carolyn Lemon and her twin brother, Kenneth Gardner contributed to our successes.

Harriett McIntosh taught and counseled at WA and later taught at Tech.

Angela Rush-McClary led free SAT groups in churches and on weekend to improve test scores.  

Dr. Bernice Cooper was a gifted coordinator and teacher in small group systems.  There are others like Elizabeth Webber who entertained and educated the students.

All of these and many others helped to educate our students. Let’s give them all a salute for their services.