Williamsburg Regional Hospital Foundation Director Gabriel Poston’s biggest fundraisers is Dancing with the Stars. When not working on that he’s making employees and patients’ days a little happier.   

Gabriel Poston has been appointed the Williamsburg Regional Hospital Foundation Director. Poston is a determined person who has a vision as its spokesperson. He will use his college experience as president of his fraternity. “I’m pretty familiar with what I’m doing, it’s just more of an adult setting,” said Poston. “It’s really fundraising for the hospital which is something I wanted to do.” 

Poston is a resident of Florence and has a degree in Healthcare Administration from Francis Marion University. One of his biggest fundraisers is Dancing with the Stars. In 2018, it’s third and most successful year, dance teams comprising of an amateur and a professional dance instructor raised over $122,000 in funds to be used toward Operating and Emergency Room equipment. 

Dancing with the Stars is scheduled for June 15, and will once again be held at the ROB in Lake City. 

The Foundation also hosted Party on the Porches and Christmas Open House fundraisers. 

Poston is also having some fun with employees and even patients, starting with a newsletter. “For example, I do simple tips on how to stay healthy and how you can manage your lifestyle at home verses having to go to the hospital all the time.” For Valentine’s Day, Poston placed poems in patient’s rooms and encouraged employees to decorate their badges. “Every morning I get here I walk around the hospital and say hey and hope they have a good morning,” said Poston. “I feel if you’re going to have a public relations face you’re going to need to go out and greet everybody and wish the best positive day for everyone.”