Beth Cottingham

I lay bare before God my enthusiasms.

How wonderful it is to be able to feel things deeply!

The sheer delight of fresh air when you have been indoors all day;

The never ending wonder of sunrise and sunset;

The sound of wind through the trees and utter wetness of the rain;

The excitement of finding something that was lost and is found:

My fountain pen,

A beautiful word forgotten,

The return of an old book,

The reconciliation after estrangement,

The first step after months of illness.

How moving is the sheer wonder of being necessary to the life of another!

The source of food for a dog, a cat;

The giving of a gentle word when you did not know that such a word was desperately needed;

The sharing of so little at the crucial point of acute urgency;

The invasion of the mind and heart with a sense of Presence in which all of one’s being suddenly becomes God’s dwelling place.

I lay bare before God my enthusiasm this day.

From Meditations of the Heart

By Howard Thurman

This Thanksgiving season is a uniquely special time when the focus is gratitude for the blessings we enjoy. This meditation lifts up some we might take for granted.