High scoring & soccer

  • Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bobby Jonte

ďIf I wanted to see someone struggle for 90 minutes and not score I would carry my friends to the singles bar.Ē Thatís the saying for all the soccer matches. The world championship can be decided by a score of 1-0. Thatís incredible. That seems like a lot of activity for a tiny score. Baseball games can have scores like that too.

Those games can be worse. They can keep playing for extra innings before the game is decided. They donít keep time for the baseball game. All this scoring doesnít seem to make much sense.

Football can have a good game with a score of 6-3. Announcers say that is a good game. A score of 48-46 is also an exciting game. Basketball can tends to get lop sided scores, 112-27 might be the state record for Texas. Pro basketball might have a score of 130-135. Itís hard to tell if the high or low scores make the games more or less interesting.

Tennis has an odd scoring system. When itís 40-love, what do you expect next? Golf players are looking for the lowest score. Chess players study the chessboard for hours just to say ďCheckmate.Ē Monopoly is a game that might be played forever. I was involved in a Monopoly game that went one for three hours. One player had mortgaged his property and we thought he was going out. My parents came home at midnight and made us all go to bed. No telling what would have happened if we had been able to play longer.

Some sports are easier to figure out. The winner in a boxing match can be decided by knockout. It can be obvious when some one is knocked unconscious. Wrestling matches can be harder to decide. Pro wrestling, who knows?

Now kids play games and people donít keep score. They say itís good for the kids to just play and not be worried about the score. Maybe the parents donít keep the score. Most of the kids can tell which team won or lost the contest. I guess we are obsessed with winners and losers.

We canít help it. Itís really in our DNA. We want to know our social standing. Being stronger, faster, better looking, better dressed, driving a fancy car or having more money are ways that we attract a better mate. All those 60 thousand years of evolution and we still trying to attract a mate. Why else would we dress up and strut around?

Pulling for the winning team is also a strange thing. Why do we cheer for a stranger just because he can hit a baseball over a fence? Maybe that makes us better just because we were pulling for the strong batter. Comparing ourselves to athletes make us seem better.

What can we do about horse racing? Cheering for a horse seems really odd. You donít know anything about the horse. Perhaps your horse really wants to plow and not be a fast runner. Some of the horses that are plowing wish they could be running in horse races. They would train a little in the mornings and race on the weekends. The rest of the time they could graze in a pasture and lounge around. The plowing horses are probably wishing they had studied harder in school and get on the racing circuit. No, maybe thatís college students wishing they had practiced more so they could make the varsity team.

All this scoring is hard to keep up with. Itís just a different way of deciding what success means. Success can be decided in many ways and it is always a fleeting event. Tiger Woods won the Masters Golf tournament and was declared a hero. The next day he was in Myrtle Beach opening a restaurant. His sponsors must have forgotten he was the Masters champion.

All this scoring big or small creates champions and thatís what we all want. What could be more fun than saying, ďLearn to love it or learn to live with it, because Iím the Champion?Ē

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