Re-image your identity

  • Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bobby Jonte

Several of us were discussing re-imagining our identity. Thatís a fun subject for me. Iím always trying to do something new or change things about myself. ďIím going to lose 30 pounds. I only have 40 more to go.Ē ďIím going to change my wardrobe.Ē ďIím going to start reading more books. Iíll start right after baseball season.Ē

We all had something that we wanted to do. We had been talking with a friend who re-imagined herself by wearing suits. She said that while she was in college she wasnít treated with much respect. It wasnít anything particular, she just didnít feel accepted by her classmates and professors. She imagined that she would be dressed up and look more professional. Dressing better would put her a cut above her classmates. She started wearing suits and it worked. Her classmates thought that she had some better things to do after class and showed her more respect. The professors asked her opinion more and thought she was more mature. She said the entire experience was thrilling. This was all because she had imagined a better outcome for herself or re-imagined herself.

One of my friends couldnít help but smile during the entire conversation. I asked what was so funny. She said that re-imagine was a word that brought back wild memories of a church meeting she had gone to. The church conference was going along with no problems. Suddenly a group of people came in with a re-imagined view of the church. Jesus and the disciples were females. Then they brought out all the heavy suitcases that the church conference doesnít want to really discuss. After they re-imagined abortion, Christ, missionary contributions, same sex marriage, new interpretation of scripture, women in the pulpit, and tithing, then the dancing began. They re-imagined the entire church and started a near riot. After wild discussions and worry about hearsay, the church went back to its old ways. She said that she couldnít help but laugh whenever she hard the word re-imagine.

We all had a good laugh about the church meeting and went back to discussing re-imagining our identity and then maybe reclaiming our narrative. Reclaiming your narrative is much easier than re-imagining your identity. All you have to do is talk to reclaim your narrative. You really donít have to do much. Just talk.

Iím trying all the time to re-imagine my life. It seems like it is a full time job. I want to do better but still have a long way to go to get my life like I imagine it could be. Thatís way I re-imagine my life so much. The plans I follow donít quite work.

This whole process is simple but not easy. Re-imagining your life is as easy as figuring out what you really want, write it down, make a plan and then work on it every day. See how easy that was to write out? Itís just hard to get done. Maybe Iíll just stick with reclaiming my narrative.

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