Dangerous pictures

  • Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bobby Jonte

There are lots of pictures floating around in cyberspace now. The Internet has put up more pictures, quotes and videos than people can really absorb. You can see all sorts of things.

You don’t have to dig through encyclopedias for quotes from famous historians. You can get quotes on history, politics, comedy and being a loser with just a few keystrokes. You can have funny pictures with serious quotes. You can have funny quotes with serious looking pictures. You can comment on all these pictures and quotes also. You can comment on stuff even if your opinion is wrong.

Wrong opinions are the ones that don’t agree with mine. I don’t make comments on many pictures. I’m afraid other people will think my opinion is wrong. Mostly, I dislike the comments on how dangerous something appears to be. Airplane pictures are what I look at the most. Some pictures are spectacular. I like looking at them. I try not to read any comments.

I have seen some pictures that were incredibly sharp and clear. It looks like the plane is going to fly into the window of a house. The picture was taken with a super lens that costs ten thousand dollars. The photographer is a long way off. The angle of the picture makes the illusion of the plane crashing into the house. “Nice picture!”

Then the comments start coming. “That can’t be real.” “They photoshopped the picture.” “That is the most dangerous, stupid stunt on earth. Thousands of people could have been killed.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no comment? Maybe we could hold our comments and just look at the picture. It shouldn’t matter that it is a dangerous looking picture. The only comment that is acceptable is “Hold my beer and watch this.”

We don’t need to be reminded of danger. There are lots of pictures of people with rifles, tanks and body armor facing a band of resistance fighters. The resistance fighters are armed with slingshots. There aren’t many comments about confrontations like this. I’ve been waiting for someone to write in that it is dangerous to shoot slingshots. “You could put someone’s eye out.”

It’s hard to tell if these photographs are a joke or a deliberated attempt to tell a special story. The slingshot guys are crying out for someone to send them some automatic weapons. It might not make things better but the outcome is going to be different.

If I could be in charge of the Internet, I wouldn’t let people comment on pictures that appear dangerous. We are scared of too many things now. If a kid is eating a school lunch that has grapes, we should be scared. A grape could be a choking hazard. Just the other day a plane passed a half-mile away from the elementary school. What if that plane had hit the school? Don’t mention the car that hit the bus in the pickup lane. Those students that were on the bus didn’t have to buckle up because there were no seatbelts. Luckily, we didn’t have a picture of the interior. That would make us afraid.

Next week I’m going to look for more dangerous photos. The real scary ones that might be photo shopped or just staged by the dumb, dangerous people that are out there.

Maybe I can get some good quotes to go along with these photos. “Give me liberty or get me a new truck.” That doesn’t sound like the right quote, but everything on the Internet is not true either.

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