College commencement gone bust

  • Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bobby Jonte

It is that time of year.  Colleges are graduating the class of 2014.  Students that have spent the past four, five, six or seven years studying now graduate and commence to go to the “real world.”  It should be a happy time for students, faculty and parents alike. 

Cap and gowns, walking across the stage, and commencement speeches mark the end of school and the start of big things to come.

This year it seems as if the colleges can't pick a commencement speaker.  Students are pitching a fit over some of the speakers.  The students don't like the politics, business practices, or just the looks of the speaker chosen for their graduation.  Faculty members complain about the speakers also.

Now some of the schools have to change schedules or get new speakers.  All this uproar for a speech that should only last seven minutes.  Isn't that lovely?

That brings up an interesting point.  Why are the students and faculty the only people complaining?  You don't hear a peep out of the parents that have been footing the educational bill of these students.  How could a college be so insensitive to have a speaker like this?  What is the matter with simple choice?

It is time for everyone to grow up.  If the faculties of these colleges are so incensed by this, they should give up their tenured professorship and do something else.  The students should skip the graduation ceremony and get that job now.  Go out and make some money so your parents won't have to pay back your student loan by themselves.

Young people should have ideals and voice their opinions.  They should get over themselves too.  If you don't like getting advice or hearing a successful person speak, feel free to skip the ceremony.  It is time for you to go to work.  You've had plenty of time to re-imagine your identity and re-claim your narrative.  Things will be a lot different from now on.  Fairness is not coming to greet you.  Things will get tough as these students go out into the world to seek their new happiness.  It is too bad that they didn't want to hear some inspiring words from a successful person before they left school.  That sounds strange.  Why would anyone say they didn't want to be successful?

For all this social rebellion, things will change quickly.  Students have lots of time to protest because they don't have jobs that tie them down all day.  Standing around with a bunch of your friends and yelling is a lot better than going to class or a job.  This will probably be the last time you can complain about having to do something you don't like.  The five-minute commencement speech will seem nice to your drill sergeant telling you about the third general order.   Writing a theme will be a tranquil experience compared to writing a letter home that reads; “Dear mother, I have arrived at Parris Island and am doing well.”

It’s too bad that some colleges have to go through all this.  It would be a nice finish to an academic career to hear a successful person speak.  The students could learn something that might last them the rest of their lives.  It could be something to inspire them.  Education takes a long time.  My quote would be fairly simple.  “Losers make excuses, winners make progress.”  Happy graduation.  

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