The price you will pay

  • Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Editor,

You will not hear a democrat mention any of the following but it is our economy. Currently 20 percent of all jobs created are temporary jobs. Does not sound like much until you consider on average, only 96,000 jobs are being created monthly. That means 17,500 jobs are temporary. Now consider without a full-time job you will not qualify for a home loan, car loan, or any other type of loan.

Additionally, you will only qualify for basic social security at retirement age of 66. So with no retirement from full-time employment, no nest egg from monthly savings you will qualify for $807. How many of you are able to exist on this amount?

The Congressional Budget Office released numbers on Obamacare, which should scare most informed Americans. Of the 8 million signed up for his health care program, only 2 million are the people this program was designed for, that is, people formerly without health care. The other 6 million were those who had health care but were denied their policies because they did not meet the poresidentÕs definition of health care. No matter the lies he told regarding such. While the president is delirious with these numbers, the program cannot and will not survive long without increased numbers of the 26 to 35 year olds signing up for health care. Without a large influx of this category of paying participants, the program will fail.

The president and his administration have constantly stated they do not have the statistics on who is signing up for his signature program. All a lie. Take for example the state of Georgia. Of those signed up, 53 percent have not made their first monthÕs payment. Our home state of South Carolina, 47 percent have not made their first monthÕs payment. See any correlation here? Wait until the IRS starts getting denial of payment by credit card companies. Wait until checks written for payment are returned because no funds are available to complete the payment. Just ask any business owner about the trouble recouping funds from those who fail to pay.

What will the government do when people fail to pay? We have elected officials who fail to pay taxes and the government does nothing. Need any reminders of the politicians who failed to pay taxes? This administration is replete with many who have not paid their taxes. If people cheat on their taxes and do not pay their taxes do you really think they will pay for second-class health care with over burdensome and extremely high deductibles?

When the president leaves office in 2016 and the increase in monthly payments for his ridiculous health care program arrive, the joke will be on us. We will pay or the IRS will come to visit.

Milton M. Duke, Jr.


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