Microbiology and fried chicken

  • Monday, April 14, 2014

Bobby Jonte

My chemistry teacher taught me many things. Mostly, we studied chemistry. Occasionally, he would get off the subject and we would discuss some other scientific topic. One day he began telling us that the cells in our body would totally regenerate every seven years. "That's why your tastes change. You are not the same person your were seven years ago."

All these things make perfect sense now. One time I didn't like pizza at all. Now I like it. It seems like the perfect food. A slice of pizza even looks like one of those food triangle pictures. Pizza is the cornerstone of any nutrition minded meal plan. That would count breakfast and supper.

One time fried chicken was my favorite food. It started very early. In the second grade, I would try to trade all my lunch for extra pieces of fried chicken. My friend Wayne asked me if I would rather have a million dollars or fried chicken stacked up to the sky? I wasn't sure what a million dollars really was, but I did think that fried chicken stacked up to the sky would last me forever.

Later, fried chicken would be my favorite food. Back then, you could go to almost any restaurant and fried chicken would be on the menu. My boss back then hated chicken. We made a deal that I could eat all the fried chicken and he would eat all the sliced tomatoes.

Fried chicken stayed as a main stay in my diet for many years. I never thought that something as delicious as fried chicken would ever be replaced. I don't know what happened. Just the other day I skipped over the fried chicken. I'm not sure if this was something that had been sneaking up on me or it just happened all of a sudden. It had to slip in slowly over time.

Maybe it was the gradual change in eating habits. I used to frequent many lunch buffets. That gradually changed. Now I don't get to go to quite as many restaurants that serve food like that. It could be that those pesky cells changed too much. Maybe all my taste for the greatest of food is gone forever.

This gradual change came as a big surprise. I didn't notice it until I read a magazine article about great fried chicken restaurants. The magazine article mentioned these locally favorite restaurants. I didn't know any of them. This came as a surprise to me. I would have thought that I knew all the best places to buy fried chicken. I was wrong on that one.

I've waited long enough. I'm starting this search tonight. I'm ordering pizza but I'm ordering fried chicken wings also.

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