Ban the books, quit multiplication and cut taxes

  • Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bobby Jonte

Well, we've really done it now.  The front page of the Post and Courier proclaims that the College of Charleston students and faculty are in a dither over the cutting of the school budget.  $52,000 has been cut from the budget because of a book selected for the College Reads program. Members of the House believe the book is inappropriate for college freshman to read.

The next article in the paper says that a new South Carolina bill would require learning cursive writing and learning the multiplication tables.  What kind of message are we sending about learning?  Students can't write, can't read, and can't do multiplication tables without the use of a phone?  We should probably just ban all the books and quit with all mathematics.  What is going on?

We don't want books and we have to write a new bill for students to learn their multiplication tables.  Who came up with this?  Who would think that we should quit learning cursive writing and why on earth would we quit learning multiplication tables? 

Supposedly, teachers just don't have time to teach these skills because they are teaching students how to pass standardized tests.  What would be wrong with just passing the tests for the courses that the students studied?

Maybe some of this drama is a giant plot to sell more books.  The book that is inappropriate for reading by college freshman is not something I would be interested in.  I tempted to buy the book and read it anyway.  I've never read a banned book.  This might be a better selling opportunity than having the book mentioned on the Oprah Book Club.  Imagine the hype that being a banned book would cause.  South Carolina legislature cuts funding so this book can't be read.  College freshman rush bookstores to learn the hidden secrets of a banned book.  The ladies wine and book club give up the wine and actually read this banned book.

I say we end all standardized testing.  If we quit with school boards, school districts and quit collecting taxes for all the schools, we will have low taxes and students that will have to fend for themselves in terms of education.  This might not be a bad idea at all.  It wouldn't take long for someone to figure out the rich people's secret.  Readers control the world.  The people that can do the math get to figure out how people are paid.  You get smarter you get more.  Kids want to read what his parents don't want them to read.

That's the natural response.  Put a perfectly tuned guitar on the bed and tell your kid not to touch it.  They'll learn three cords before you get home.  Hide books and kids will read them.

I wonder where we are headed with education.  These two articles took up most of the space on the front page of the paper.  Without these stories, the paper would be much shorter.  Maybe the legislature should ban the newspapers.  That would make more people want to read them.  We could go back to old type cash registers so that people would have to add and subtract.  Multiplication and long division could be thrown in at each sale.  You could figure out how much money you are saving by not having to pay the taxes for schools. 

We still might have to go back to standardized testing.  How would we know if people have good reading, writing and math skills?  Maybe you should write to your legislator about which books should be read.  Just make sure you write the note in cursive writing.  That will show them you're no fool.

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