Ned Mac: The Mt. Hope Scrolls

  • Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bobby Jonte

I talk to myself a lot when I'm driving.  I talk to myself when I'm not driving.  Intelligent conversation is hard to find.  Sometimes you have to talk to yourself to have a conversation that makes sense.  While I'm talking to myself, I get crazy ideas to write about.  These crazy ideas go around and around and eventually become a story.  A lot of these crazy stories get written down and eventually become the Mt. Hope Scrolls.  I am not the only person that talks to himself and writes down the craziness that develops. 

            My buddy Eddie is from Pond Branch.   He signs all his correspondence as Eddie in Pond Branch.  Pond Branch is in the wilds of South Carolina near Leesville.  For the geographically challenged, it's west of Columbia close to interstate twenty.  At one time Eddie worked a job in Camden South Carolina.  He had to drive from Leesville to Camden everyday.  That was quite a commute.  He would drive to work everyday and talk to himself.  Different stories started swirling around in his head and then poems started coming to him.  One day he was driving to Camden and he decided that he needed a Nom de Plume.  He came up with Ned Mac.  That's Camden spelled backwards.  Ned Mac and some poetry was born.  Then he did the hardest part.  He wrote it down.  

Ned Mac

Have you heard about this little dude named Ned Mac? He was conceived riding to Camden and named coming back. A good ole redneck country boy out to have fun. Trying to do better before it's all done. Thinks he's a philosopher like the Greek Socrates. Throws out his two cents before you can say please. Don't be offended if he steps on your toes. No harm intended, it's just the way life goes.

N is for no cause is the right thing to say. And never say never  & everything will be okay. Don't listen to no negative folk. This might be silly, but to you I wouldn't joke. E is for earth and the environment where we live. Why do so many want to take more than they give? Good ecology ain't trashin' our water and air. Respect and common sense is by what I swear. D is for dad, my mentor, friend and hero. At eighty he's still the coolest dude I know. I tip my hat to youngens that grow up without. I'm thankful my Dad showed me what it's all about. M is for Moma, my Moma and Me. She does all she can to show how good is supposed to be. Guess who cleaned my diapers from all that stuff? You got the picture I've said enough. A is for America and Apple Pie. I appreciate those who fought for freedom and were willing to die. An apple a day will keep the doctor away. I like feeling good and being free to say what I say. C is for Chevrolet, like my dad always had. That don't mean your Mitsubishi is necessarily bad. Hondas made in Ohio and Nissans in Tennessee. They just don't have that Heartbeat of America that's just right for me.

Eddie is going to dust off some of his old work and send it later.  It’s always fun to hear about other people talking to themselves and being able to get something creative out of it.  Maybe we could make a documentary of people riding around talking to themselves and how they made something out of it.  It wouldn’t be to hard to do.  You could just mount a camera and let people ride around.  They would start talking to themselves and then you would know where these crazy ideas come from.

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