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  • Monday, March 3, 2014

You knew they were coming. I told you they were coming.  Great opportunity is once again crushed by bureaucratic nonsense. Colorado wants to test their recreational marijuana. There are already chemical labs springing up in Colorado that test the cannabis for impurities. Smoking cannabis won't kill you, but smoking cannabis with pesticides in it will.

Pesticides in marijuana?  I thought the hippies were the ultimate organic farmers.  Maybe this growing for profit has started a new trend.  For years I thought that capitalism was a good thing.

Only about seven percent of the growers of legal marijuana in Colorado test their product and give it some kind of seal of approval. The Drug Czar of Colorado thinks that soon, all legal growers will have their products tested. This is all in the name of consumer safety. I can't believe that it took us so long to worry about the consumer. Legal or illegal, people have been smoking marijuana for a long time. No one seemed to worry about the poor consumer back then. About the only recourse was to say, "I'm not buying any more of this stuff. You can't even get high." Too bad they didn't have testers back then. Of course the testers are not checking for the effects of the product. The testers are just checking for impurities in the product. The consumer still has the responsibility of finding out if the product will get you high.

What is with all the testing anyway? I have never heard of anyone dying from tainted marijuana. Medical marijuana smokers in many cases have a terminal disease. They are trying to get some relief and are not worried about long-term effects. I had a friend that was terminally ill. He fought with a chemical company about getting an experimental medicine. He didn't want a placebo as part of a study. The chemical company was afraid that there could be long-term effects that would come about in ten years if he took the medicine. He kept saying that he would be dead in three years and was not worried about what would happen in ten years. Sure enough, he died in less than three years. I don't know if he got the real medicine or the placebo.

Maybe we could test the effects of fake marijuana. Give out some fake marijuana at the appropriately licensed stores and see if this getting high business is for real. That would be bad too. What about the consumer that just wants to get high and doesn't worry about what is in the product. That would be cheating the consumer and would be a government intrusion that we just could not stand for.

In all the time that I have known about marijuana, I don't believe anyone I know has suffered from using it. One guy I know has smoked marijuana for over forty-five years. I wouldn't put him on the list of my most successful friends. However, he does seem to enjoy his diminished mental abilities. He doesn't care that his marijuana is not tested. He doesn't care that he doesn't live in a state that has legal marijuana either.

After all these new developments, do we really need all these people pushing for the normalization of marijuana laws? How about all the people that went to prison for marijuana offenses? Should we let all those people out?

Maybe we should have taken advice from our mothers. "If you smoke that stuff, your heart will jump out of your chest. Your brain will explode with an incurable psychosis." All those mothers never mentioned that the marijuana was not tested for impurities. We should all just watch the movie "Woodstock." There is a scene in the movie where a warning is given out that the brown acid that is circulating is not to good. That should be adequate warning to any one.

Legal marijuana is here and surely it will be tested, regulated and discussed for a long time. It will probably come to other states also. This will give new employment opportunities for testers, chemists, enforcers, licensing firms, and a different type of law enforcement. Not whether you should smoke it, just buy it from a licensed company.

We should have just listened to our mothers. I wish I had listened to mine. "What did your mother say?" "I don't know, I didn't listen to her."

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