Isn't it ironic?

  • Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Isn't it ironic: we think we know everything and then we get a wakeup slap in the face. For example, smack-dab in the middle of climate hysteria, a Russia ship filled with global warming experts, scientists, and journalists sat frozen in the Antarctic: trapped in a sea of ice. This is the second year the Southern Hemisphere hit a record for sea-ice cover. Maybe they'll spend this year re-evaluating their hypothesis.   How profoundly ironic is the death of convicted murderer Michael Anderson Godwin. In 1989, Godwin had his original death sentence reduced to life imprisonment after a retrial. Godwin was accidently electrocuted while trying to fix a pair of headphones connected to his television set at the Central Correctional Institution in Columbia. He was sitting naked on a steel toilet in his cell when he bit into the live wire.   Remember the show The Twilight Zone that aired between 1959 and 1964? It's ironic that the episodes denoting science fiction were in fact predictions of current events. The series explored themes such as government control, war and morality. It's ironic that given the fact the flower power children that followed the short-lived series evoked universal love, peace, gentleness and giving, you'd think things would have turned out a little different.   In 2004, The Roanoke Times published an article about Mellisa Williamson, 35, who worried about the effect on her unborn child from the sound of jackhammers. The accompanying photograph shows Williamson, obviously pregnant, holding a cigarette. That is irony at its worst.   Irony applies in ever aspect of life. For instance, isn't it ironic that schools prohibit Bibles within their walls but the Good Book is accepted in prisons? Both are government institutions and the occupants of these establishments should have access to the most read book in history. But what do I know?   Finally, it is ironic that the world is a beautiful place after everything we've done to it. I mean, we dump trash all over it, we bury nuclear waste in it, we fill its skies with chemicals and we poison its oceans with heavy metals. And after we completely annihilate ourselves over such nonsense as whose religion is better or how much land is enough, Mother Earth will survive: Mother Earth - and cockroaches.

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