Things I'd rather forget in 2013

  • Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is officially over: a note in time: a collection of mishaps, miracles and milestones certain to highlight or hound our memory. While we celebrate the highlights let us ponder moments that unwittingly defined one's life under the aegis of personal beliefs: or the preponderance of public opinion.   I wouldn't want to be remembered as the woman in Dorchester who summoned an ambulance 100 times over the past seven years in order to get a ride to downtown Charleston. She is accused of faking an illness, but once at the hospital she felt fine, didn't register, and went on her way. She chalked it up to her Medicade paid taxi. Her free rides cost taxpayers an estimated $400,000.   I wouldn't want to be remembered as a president defined by those who believe airing commercials proclaiming his unparalleled swagger or degrading women through ads suggesting that by signing up for Obamacare will get cheap birth control or insulting gay men through underwear-clad candy-cane licking stereotypes would make him or his signature legislation more appealing.    If I were a member of the Department of State I wouldn’t want to be remembered for choosing to tell the American people that a video was responsible for the four deaths in Benghazi rather than admit regret for my lack of action.   Finally, I hope Phil Robertson will be remembered for standing up for what he believes. The Duck Dynasty star was recently suspended from the show after he expressed his personal views regarding homosexuality among other things. Robertson, 67, expressed his views during an interview with GQ magazine. The matriarch has his supporters: over 300,000 on Facebook and tens of thousands of signed petitioners calling for A&E network to end Robertson's suspension (hiatus).   Could Robertson, who is a devout Christian, be compared to Daniel being thrown into the lion's den? Does his circumstance parallel that of George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four?   Robertson is sticking to his guns - I mean beliefs - amid the criticism from those who do not believe as he does. I may or may not agree with Mr. Robertson's views but I hope he will be remembered for expressing his faith without caving in to political correctness.   Smearing any person or group is a revealing window into a gruesome, uncivilized world. I hope that by the end of 2014, I will remember oppression and prejudice were replaced with compassion and tolerance. Pipe Dream? Seems so. But we are capable of rising from the burning crucible if we so choose: contrary to popular belief.

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