I’ve got a secret

  • Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Iíve got a secret. Actually, itís impossible to keep a secret. Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Now the news is filled with stories of the government, Internet companies, and phone companies monitoring your personal information. Thatís shocking, disgusting and illegal. People are outraged. Politicians are worried about privacy. Itís too bad you did all this to yourself.
I know lots of things about you already. If youíre reading this, I bet you have a television. You have a car also. Thereís a good chance that you pay a light bill and a phone bill. I know that about you without even thinking. You might send a friend request on Facebook and then Iíll know how many kids you have, who you married and the names of all your kids. Why are you worried about who is monitoring your information? You let me know all that.
One of my friends tells that cell phones are the worst things ever. If heís in a bar talking to a girl, he will get his picture taken and that news will be at his house before he can even get home. Nothing travels faster than the speed of light unless itís bad news. Now all news travels pretty quickly. Now all that information is monitored. I wonder what we can do with all that?
Just imagine what information could be gleaned from seeing all the texts that high school students send out. ďWhat you doing?Ē ďNothing. What you doing?Ē ďNothing.Ē Multiply that by a thousand texts a week plus all the students with phones and there is a lot of information to collect and decipher. There is a good chance that you wonít read a text that says, ďTerrorist attack plan for 3:00. Be there or be square.Ē
How about the tracking of your whereabouts by built in gps? Just because you know where somebody is doesnít mean you can actually go find them. If this is so easy, why do we have criminals on the run?
I watched a deer cross a road and walk into a tiny patch of woods. I knew the deer was in there. I walked up as quietly as I could. This little patch of woods was only 25 yards across. I knew the deer was in there. I still couldnít find him. You might be able to track some one by gps. That still doesnít mean you can find them.
This entire information gathering might be illegal, immoral and constitutionally wrong. What can we do with it? The more information we gather, the harder it is to disseminate. Once we find some information that might be helpful in finding terrorists, we have to actually investigate them and then find them.
I have lived in the same house for 35 years. Iíve have worked in the same office for the last 25 years. Just about everyday, someone tells me that they canít get in touch with me. Maybe they should subscribe to a government monitoring service. What is anybody saying that we donít already know?
It wonít be long before all this monitoring business will stop. Not because we donít need it but because we canít keep up with all the information. Just because you have access to the library of congress doesnít mean we can assimilate what all this information means.
Iím going to try to keep all my secrets. Iím not texting anything. Iím not going to talk much on cell phones and I will probably leave my phone at home when I go after that deer again.
That would be terrible to track that deer to the small patch of woods and have my phone ring.

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