Showers of Blessings

  • Tuesday, July 2, 2013

There is a long standing joke in my family about the need for a little rain on the wedding day in order to guarantee a happy marriage. Rain, might be good for a marriage, but its definitely not good for an outdoor reception. For ten days prior to June 22, I looked at the weather three times a day. In addition, I asked everyone I knew to pray for a beautiful dry day. I thought I had all my bases covered, but the closer it came to the 22nd, the higher the chance of rain became. Monday, June 18th, there was a frog strangling rain in Salters. Tuesday, it rained. Wednesday, it rained. Thursday, was finally a rainless day as was Friday. When Saturday arrived, as much as I did not want rain, it rained. The forecast for the day was 50 to 60 % chance of showers and our rain shower arrived around 1:00 pm. We had just finished putting the tablecloths on the tables and the heavy shower splattered mud on the cloths nearest to the outside of the tents. At that point, there was little more I could do. My positive friends told me we had our shower and the rest of the day would be nice. They also insisted that the rain “spruced” up the grass and the plants and was just what was needed. As it turned out, my prayers were answered, and my friends were right. The remainder of the day was beautiful, the bride was happy, the food was great, and we all had a good time! As Catherine and Chip’s wedding becomes history I realize that besides the rain showers, there were showers of blessing that encircled my family during the week prior to the wedding.
My friend Connie came to stay and help for 10 days while her husband Steve arrived later in the week. During this time, we worked hard and had fun, but for some reason, the longer they stayed, the more time Connie and Steve spent in the pool house away from me. In addition, our friends Deborah and Allen cut their family vacation short to come spend a few days in Salters for pre-wedding fun. Thankfully, Allen is one of those special friends that we could ask to pick up some project supplies from Lowes on their way in from Florida. When Allen arrived in Salters he saw what needed to be done and went about completing the project without being asked. Its always nice to have a handy man as a friend. Connie and Deborah, on the other hand, were somewhat hesitant about what to do at first, but the longer they stayed, the more they did, and the more they told me what to do. As for my family, they were very tolerant as they dealt with the bride and mother of the bride and plans for the wedding. Perhaps they were especially happy as the big day grew closer, and with so much to do, the best answer Catherine and I had was: “What ever you want to do is fine with me.”
By the end of the week Connie had decided that southern weddings are similar in many ways to southern funerals. Both events include friends and families offering support and assistance. Each event includes an abundance of food, both are costly, and each is a significant event in the life of a family. I am thankful we had a wedding.
No wedding is complete without at least one little mishap and ours was no exception. Fortunately, our biggest predicament was the loss of all the linen used at the rehearsal party on Friday night. The Browns hosted the rehearsal party at our house since it was near the church and the tents and tables were already in place. Dinner had gone well and as we cleaned up we put the rented linens in a large trash bag for safe keeping. The next day, our faithful helpers loaded up all the trash and delivered it promptly to the Salters Recycling Center. Unfortunately it was not until Sunday Morning that we realized the bag with the linens was not in the shop, but instead probably in the midst of all the garbage compacted on Saturday. At that point, there was nothing to do but prepare to pay for the lost linens, and accept one more expense.
A little rain shower and a bag of lost linens can not compare with the showers of blessings that were a part of the wedding last weekend. Bunny and I were thankful for family and friends who took time to join our celebration, and for those who traveled from Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and many locations in South Carolina. I am thankful for friends who hosted special guest in their homes, and for family members who prepared wonderful meals for my helpers. Bunny and I are also thankful for dedicated musicians who spent hours planning perfect music for the ceremony and for family and friends who made sure the wedding was just right. It is unfortunate that often we worry and complain about the storms in our lives instead of just focusing on the showers of blessings that always come with the rain. Finally, it is my sincere hope that the bride and groom will understand that marriage is filled with storms, but showers of blessings always follow the rain.

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